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Sur le sujet, un grand précurseur, déboulant dès les années 80... dans une relative indifférence malgré ses entrées au Figaro et consorts : L'Etrange Monsieur Joseph d'Alphonse Boudard.
A voir

Comme d'habitude, merci pour ce conseil culturel judicieux.

Voici deux pages qui parlent de cet ouvrage :



Parlez-vous anglais?

I would love to know if you liked the film "93 rue Lauriston"

Merci beaucoup de votre response!


Yes, I speak and write in english, like you see, but its never perfect because I havent enough occasion to do it.

I have speak about this TV movie, because I saw it.

Concerning the specific problem of the collaboration, the film totally is focused on this French Gestapo, installed in this street; and on its principal protagonists. It has the merit of to show enthusiasm, dramatic, of these pro French nazis; the extent of the economical corruption at the head of the country; the fact that the system of Vichy did not hesitate to call upon criminals and thieves all just one go out of prison to do the police! To the Liberation, a competent authority request to a police officer to take an investigation, but facing the revelations of the investigation, the policeman does himself to lecture to say too much truths. For number of "collaborateurs", and notably in this economical collaboration, succeeded passing between the meshes of the net of "l'épuration". The film has therefore the deserve to show, with actors convincing, that of the French served Germany nazie by interest, of course, but also by conviction. If you do not know it, Madam Annie Lacroix-Riz, historienne, has just published a remarkable essay, "The Choice of the defeat", in which she proves, proofs to the support, that the defeat of 40 was prepared by an extreme-right, political and economical organization that infiltrated France.

And you, did you see it ? Do you teaching? Why you are very interested in this film and to this history?

I thank you for your comment because it is rare to converse with a person that does not speak our language!

Thank you for your response!
My interest in the film comes from my profession. I am an actress and I am one of the cast in the film. I haven't seen the film but I liked the script, I thought it was well written, with courage, and I wish my own countrymen were able to look at such a sensitive matter with so much guts.
I live now in the US and am trying to get Alliance Francaise to order the film because it's rare for the US audience to see much of European films. This one could inspire lots of thoughts if we reflect upon the contemporary state of affairs.
I do teach - acting and also my native language here.
Thank you for your time - best regards, Suzanne

But which member of this story interpreted you? For the moment, the movie is not, apparently, available in DVD, I looked for, but I did not find.

And for which school did you teach ?

Mme Panzer, Odile's mother.
I know, it's too early for a dvd to be available, thanks for checking though!
I teach non-credit classes at PCC Portland, OR

Even if I am a little late about this matter, maybe you should know there is a DVD available through this link. Please let me know if this was useful to you. Greetings.

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